Music Pocket Pro v3.8

The Best Music Software for Pocket PC.

it is Compatible with Music Studio for Windows.

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   Free Additional Instruments  (Copy to installed folder on your device)

also you can find it in

    – Create High Quality and Stereo Music Using Exclusive Mixer Engine
    – Background Rhythms with Chord (in 11 Templates: Pop(Default), Rock, Classic, Arabic, Iranian, Hindi …)
    – 9.5 Octaves Keyboard and 12 Chords
    – 12 Function Keys for Change Rhythms and Instruments
    – Manageable and Unlimited Tracks (Music, Wave and Rhythm)
    – Multi-System Music Creator (Iranian, Arabic, …)
    – Combine-able Status for Each Track (Stereo Echo, Shake like Violin, Repeat like Sitar)
    – 3 Modes: Keyboard (Touch) and Blow (Touch+Blow in to the Microphone) and Guitar (Touch)
    – Sing a song, Record in a Wave Track and Combine with Music
    – Make Multi-Song from single Song (Duplicate Track and Change Frequency)
    – Import MIDI files and Export Wave file
    – 30 High Quality Musical Instruments and Drums
      For Keyboard Mode:
        Accordion, Bass, Crystal Pad, Guitar, Guitar Elec,
        Piano, Pizzicato, Qanoun(Arabic), Saw, Sitar(Indian),
        String, Tar(Iranian), Violin, Banjo, D50
      for Blow Mode:
        AirBell, Flute, Nay Anban(Iranian), Nay Vega(Arabic),
        Nay(Iranian), Oboe, Sax, Zampona, Trumpet, Dozal
      Drum Kit:
        Standard, Iranian, Arabic, Indian
    – Combine 2 Instruments in 2 Tracks and Create a New Sound
    – Pedal like Piano
      and more …


    improve : Display quality
    improve : Performance

  v2.1 :
    add : Change Touch Responce When Touch Top or Bottom of Keys

    fix : Buttons Stay Up
    fix : Metronome sound does not stop when deactivated

  v2.0 build 3:
    fix : Modified Flag is On when “New from Instrument”
    fix : “Overwrite” word was “Overwrit” (without “e”)

  v2.0 build 2:
    fix : The application is terminated improperly when selecting ‘Remove Track’
    fix : Single Instance
    fix : Application sound does not stop when deactivated

  v2.0 :
    change : Tracks icons

    add : Blow Mode
    add : 3 Combine-able Status (Echo, Shake, Repeat) for Each Track
    add : “Export Track Instrument” in Tracks Popup Menu
    add : Vibrate when press command buttons
    add : “New from Instrument” in File menu
    add : 19 Instruments and 4 Drums
    add : 1 Sample
    add : Indian.Template

    fix : Wave Track Record Quality
    fix : File dialogs touch scroll (WM6.5)
    change : application icon
    change : add and remove some wave-formats

    add : Arabic.Template

    fix : File dialog bugs (WM6.5)
    fix : Seek-bar blinking

  v1.0 beta:
    the First release


  v3.8 :

    add : Guitar Mode
    add : Option for Link Modes to F6,F7,F8
    add : 3 Musical Instruments (Banjo, Dozal, D50)

    improve : Sound quality

  v3.0 :
    add : Rhythms with Chord
    add : List of Rhythms

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